Department of Theatre Studies

Without Postgraduate Program

Department of Political Science and International Relations

1. Master of Arts (MA) in “Mediterranean Studies” (in English)
2. Master of Arts (MA) in Governance and Public Policies (In Greek)
3. Master of Arts (MA) in Global Political Economy (In Greek)
4. Master of Arts (MA) in Global Risks (Uncertainties), Politics and Analytics (In Greek)

Department of Computer Science and Technology

Master of Science Program


Department of Sports Organization and Management

M.Sc. Master in Sport Management


Master Degree Program with the title "Olympic Studies, Olympic Education, Organization and Management of Olympic Events"  

Department of Economics

M.Sc in Economic Analysis

M.A. in Public Management

Department of Philology

InterdepartmentalPostgraduateprogram in MoralPhilosophy

Department of Nursing  

Health Care Management and Crisis Management

Department of Social and Educational Policy

Postgraduate Program of  the Department  of Social and Educational Policy

Ø      Educational Programs and Materials

Ø      Health Institutions and Policies

Ø      Social Discriminations, Migration and Citizenship

Department of Telecommunications Science and Technology

MSc Program in Advanced Telecommunication Systems and Networks

Department of History, Archaeology and Cultural Resources Management

Without Postgraduate Program