The University of the Peloponnese  was founded in 2000 (Presidential Decree 13/2000). The seat of the University is in Tripolis. The University is being developed at the level of complete Faculties in the five capitals of the Prefectures in the Region of Peloponnese.

The operation of the University was inaugurated on September 20th of 2002 with the launch of the Department of Computer Science and Technology and the Department of Telecommunications Science and Technology, of the Faculty of Science and Technology.

The mission of the establishment and operation of the University of the Peloponnese,is the creative contribution to the development of higher education in Greece with high quality standards,that correspond to the content of studies, research and teaching requirements of a modern University with a National, European and International scope.

The University of the Peloponnese refers to Greece and the Greeks, with the ambition to develop strong ties to the Greek community and become a focal point for cooperation and intellectual creativity for Greeks all over the world.